Luxuryscape is brought to you by CIpriano Landscape Design and Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping

Cipriano Landscape Design, one of New Jersey's premier luxury landscaping and swimming pool design firms, is proud to announce the introduction of an industry-first service called Luxuryscape™. With Luxuryscape™, anyone buying a property, building a new home or considering renovations to an existing home can get the information they need to make critical decisions regarding the outdoor development. "You should never buy, build or renovate a property until you fully understand its limitations and whether it will be able to meet your future needs," says Chris Cipriano, founder and president of Cipriano Landscape Design. "Time and time again, homeowners tell us that they would not have bought their property or built such a large addition, deck or driveway if they had known they could not make any other improvements.

The key to the successful development and eventual design of a home's exterior is to have sound, professionally prepared information as early as possible in the planning process. William Moore, Cipriano's Certified Landscape Architect, reminds homeowners that professional services can only be initiated by individuals licensed within the state. In addition they must check with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs before hiring anyone offering professional planning services. Moore adds "that one of the benefits of Luxuryscape™ is that the program focuses on evaluating the property for the long term so that the company can determine how many new services or products will impact the homeowners future ability to make improvements".

Whether it is a 150-foot by 200-foot lot in Ridgewood or acres of land in Saddle River, Alpine or Franklin Lakes, evaluating if the property can meet the homeowner's needs is critical. Moore recalls one homeowner who wanted to build a complete outdoor resort that would have included a swimming pool, dining patio with outdoor kitchen and other luxury amenities. The problem was that the project required 3,500 square feet, and there was only 800 square feet of developable space remaining on the lot. Had the homeowner known that installing a circular driveway five years earlier would prevent him from eventually building their custom swimming pool, he never would have selected a circular driveway in the first place. "None of his previous contractors had asked what his future plans for improving the property were," Moore says.

Luxuryscape™ helps consumers avoid such predicaments. It also promises to redifine the traditional approach to exterior development by providing homeowners with the tools to plan luxury amenities by using the same concept as interior designing. Kitchen cabinetry and coffered ceilings, for instance, are designed before rough plumbing and recessed lighting are installed. In a similar fashion, homeowners can use the Luxuryscape™ comprehensive profile to plan outdoor rooms and other amenities based primarily upon aesthetic and personal preferences. Infrastructure such as septic and seepage systems can then be developed around those choices, making the most efficient use of the available space.

The latest luxury outdoor amenities require more space than ever before as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas and fire pits become commonplace. Long gone are the days when a simple 800-square-foot pool surrounded by a patio would meet a sophisticated homeowner’s needs.

Luxuryscape™ brings the same philosophy to the outdoor development process. Why design around a seepage pit or septic field when you can plan out the luxury amenities first, then situate the infrastructure in a way that makes sense in relation to the overall design?

Make educated decisions based on priorities, allowing for a maximum return on investment for everyone involved.

• Create a more balanced property by preventing overbuilding in any single area or the creation of obstacles that will restrict future uses and improvements.

Identify and help conserve valuable resources that exist on your property, including specimen plant material, large trees or aged stone. • The conservation and utilization of existing material will result not only in cost savings, but it will help you create a more desirable and natural-looking outdoor environment.

Collect the property's site-specific data. This enables the homeowner and their professionals to proactively evaluate available building space and to identify any restrictions that might affect the overall development of the property.  It also identifies valuable resources on the property that can be conserved and utilized. 2. Profile the client. The comprehensive Luxuryscape™ profile thoroughly assesses the homeowner's design preferences and amenity requirements. 3. Budget available space and make infrastructure recommendations. The profile information is analyzed and then weighed against the available space and municipal restrictions. Course corrections are suggested so that the client and professional caevn reprioritize and adjust the planned development, if necessary. Once those changes are made, Luxuryscape™ provides formal infrastructure recommendations.  The client can then use the Luxuryscape™ report to proceed with the landscape development.

Established in 1989, Cipriano Landscape Design is a recognized industry leader in luxury residential landscapes and swimming pools. With a design office headed by Certified Landscape Architect William Moore, the Cipriano team has won 12 swimming pool and landscape awards of excellence for projects completed in 2007, including the NESPA "Best in Competition."